How Skidel celebrated the regional holiday of the village workers "Dazhynki-2021"

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How Skidel celebrated the regional holiday of the village workers "Dazhynki-2021"
The satellite city hosted the main holiday of grain growers of the Grodno region "Dazhynki-2021". The main harvesting campaign has finished, so it's time to take stock.

  - The agricultural year was very difficult in terms of weather conditions. But, nevertheless, we have collected bread, we are removing corn. Grodno region is always at the forefront in terms of the development of new technologies, new approaches in management, in agronomy, in animal husbandry. And the bar is not lowered – said Alexander Subbotin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus.The solemn opening of the holiday began with a procession, which was attended by delegations from all districts of the region. The highlight of the marching column was the towel of the Grodno region, dedicated to the year of national unity. It consists of 17 fragments - according to the number of districts.

– We are still in the leaders in yield – we have achieved the best results in the republic. Yes, they are worse than last year, but probably this is the maximum that was possible in the current weather conditions. Therefore, we want to say thank you to all the people who worked on the land, who provided the result of more than 1 million one hundred thousand tons of grain in the bins of the Motherland. This allows you to look confidently into the future. We have fully ensured food security: this is flour for baking bread, and animal feed, - said the chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Karanik.

The key moment was the awarding ceremony of the best in the agro-industrial complex of Grodno region. The Grodno region has been demonstrating the highest results in harvesting grain and legumes for many years. This year was no exception. The owner of the current "dAzhynak" is followed by Berestovitsky and Korelichsky districts.

– We have received more than 64 quintals per hectare of grain ears. This is 185 thousand tons of grain. Moreover, the cleaning continues. We will still grind at least 50 thousand tons of corn grain. And the indicators are not given just like that, this is the work of each of our employees, - said Yan Vasilevsky, chairman of the Grodno District Executive Committee.

The best result in harvesting grain and leguminous crops was demonstrated by the SEC named after I.P. Senko. The enterprise took the first place among the agricultural organizations of the region. And the workers of the SEC Dmitry Miklashevich was awarded the gratitude of the President of the Republic of Belarus. The man has been working as a driver on the farm for about 20 years. Dmitry admits that he received such a high award for the first time, but he still feels more confident in the cab of the truck than on the festive stage.
– I drive a truck. I took grain from the combine to the grain mill. Just doing my job. I'm not the only one, we all helped each other, - says Dmitry Miklashevich.
Words of gratitude were addressed to machine operators, drivers, agronomists, operators – all those who in 2021 made the Grodno region the leader in grain milling in the country. The success of our grain growers was generously celebrated by the guests of the holiday.
- Today, the Brest and Grodno regions are two regions where almost a third of the gross harvest of the republic is born. It is very pleasant, – said Yuri Shuleyko, Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee.
And if they surprised with quite specific achievements on the main stage, there was a place for creativity and improvisation on the farmsteads of each district. The fact that bread is the head of everything, the guests of the holiday were reminded everywhere, because the result of the work of the grain grower could be seen at every step: pretzels, rolls, pies, loaves of all shapes and colors. Each district tried to attract to its own farmstead. For example, at the site of the Korelichsky district, they were taught to weave linen ropes.
– This is an ancient method of making ropes. Previously, every farm had a cow. It was necessary to make hay, straw, it was necessary to carry, harvest and tie it up with something, so they wove ropes, - says Mikhail Mankevich, a people's craftsman, and in parallel shows the skillful weaving.

At the farmstead of the owners of the holiday – Grodno district, the guests were greeted with fervent songs and jokes.
– What is patrebna for sapraydnaga pratsaynik? Kab dobra vypits, dobra snack, dobra patanchyts i dobra passport. Use geta we have on padvor'e est. Kabeta we have such a jumpy, shsih soustrakae, usikh vitae. And shvogule shya kanzeptsy padvor'ya - geta pratsa ludzei Grodzenskaga raena, - said Denis Bolabuyev, director of the Kvass Center for Culture and Development of Folk Art.
Entertainment was provided not only for adults, but also for children. After all, as a rule, whole families came to the holiday. Go fishing in the fountain and catch a real carp, watch an exciting battle of loggers, take a photo for memory on one of the fascinating photo zones or be surprised by the possibilities of new agricultural machinery - entertainment for every taste. Traditionally, a lot of people gathered tasting sites.

This Saturday Skidel sang and danced, and passed the festive baton to Berestovitsky district. It is there that the regional "Dazhynki" will be held next year.

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